First, in Sydney Australia the gay clubs are apparently way better than ours here in the States.

Second, bring your own lube or just spit.

Aarows in Sydney is open 24 hours 7 days a week and boasts things like exercise equipment, saunas, dance floors, showers, and steam rooms. The top floor is for the nude only– no towels allowed! They are discreet and welcoming and encourage you to cruise their facility and find a “mate.”

Hengky Irawan Leaving Court (Picture: Daily Mail Australia)

After many incidents of rashes, burns, and ulcers security officers fitted items in the restrooms and “play areas” with electronic alarms to notify them of tampering. As it turns out, a 62 year old man, Hengky Irawan, was putting hydrochloric acid in the lubricant dispensers. He was caught and charged with offenses including administering poison that is intended to injure, cause distress or pain.

Initially this was believed to be a hate crime but in court Irawan claimed it was due to the rejection he experienced by other members enjoying themselves… and each other… in the sauna. Combine the lack of physical attention he was receiving with the fact that he was temporarily banned from entering the club earlier in 2016 and he felt the desire to hurt others.

The magistrate sentenced him to essentially 2 years probation.

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